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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 1, 2016. Templeton Global Income Fund (NYSE: GIM) today announced its regular monthly dividend from net investment income of $0.025 per share, payable on December 30, 2016, to shareholders of record on December 15, 2016 (Ex-Dividend Date: December 13, 2016).

As previously referenced in the annual report to shareholders, the Fund has announced that effective December 31, 2016, the Fund’s fiscal year-end will be changed to December 31st. This will result in the Fund having a fiscal year that is shorter than a full calendar year covering the transitional period between the Fund’s current fiscal year end and December 31, 2016.

In addition, the Fund, which has historically sought to pay a level distribution amount from net investment income on a monthly basis, will implement a variable pay distribution policy, effective December 31, 2016. The Fund will continue to seek to pay any distributions from net investment income on a monthly basis. Capital gains, if any, may be paid at least annually. The Fund may distribute income dividends and capital gains more frequently, if necessary, in order to reduce or eliminate federal excise or income taxes on the Fund. The amount of any distribution will vary, and there is no guarantee the Fund will pay either income dividends or capital gain distributions.

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