K2 Advisors was founded in 1994 to focus solely on hedge fund investing. Our investment philosophy is based on measuring, monitoring, and managing risk while seeking to generate returns independent of economic conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve and grow capital by producing positive asymmetric returns, with reduced correlation and limited risk over a full investment cycle. We believe a portfolio constructed with skilled managers who have shown the ability to identify consistent alpha provides superior long-term results. By requiring “line of sight” into portfolio holdings of our strategy managers, we have been a pioneer in setting new standards for transparency, liquidity, and control in the hedge fund industry. Equally important to our manager selection and data transparency is our active manager and strategy allocations that shift based on our risk budget and changing market conditions.

K2 Advisors strives to be client-centric, providing investors with individualized attention and customized programs. We have developed robust tools and processes that possess the quantitative and fundamental rigor necessary to model and construct specialized portfolios. To meet the educational needs of our clients, we also provide knowledge transfer that includes arranging informational meetings with hedge fund managers and providing comprehensive access to our research tools.

K2 Advisors Snapshot




Multi- and Single-Strategy Hedge Fund Portfolios


  • Commingled Products
  • K2 Custom Solutions
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Liquid Alternatives


  • Pioneer in risk transparency
  • Experienced team with advanced technology
  • Rigorous manager due diligence
  • Client-centric culture


Select Strategies

  • Long/Short Equity (Generalist, Technology, Health Care, Commodities, Europe & Asia)
  • Event Driven
  • Convertible Arbitrage
  • Hedge Fund Replication
  • Equity Market Neutral
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Volatility Arbitrage
  • Customized Portfolios
  • Specialist Credit
  • Global Macro (Discretionary, Systematic)
  • Structured Credit
  • Insurance-Linked
  • Liquid Alternatives