fixed income q2 2021

Uncover our investment team’s global fixed income and sector views for 2021 – key opportunities and outlook for Q2.

View our Global Fixed Income Macroeconomic & Sector Views.

Our Approach

Pursuing Alpha from Every Angle

As active managers, we believe the best way to pursue alpha is by integrating three areas of expertise into our portfolios: top-down macroeconomic analysis, robust bottom-up fundamental sector analysis and quantitative science.

A Deeply Collaborative and Specialized Team

Our team of over 140 seasoned investment professionals are located in 16 markets. Our global presence helps us to connect deeply-rooted localized knowledge in providing global expertise to manage over $140 billion in assets.1

Strategies that Address Numerous Client Needs

We offer investors a wide range of of fixed income strategies, spanning all major sectors and covering benchmark-aware and unconstrained portfolios, that seek to meet a diverse set of client needs.

Insights from the Team

ESG is Embedded in Our Process

Our Approach To ESG Guides How We Work

And How We Actively Manage

Team Snapshot

Our Fixed Income On-The-Ground Fundamental
Research Spans Across The World

Over 140 fixed income investment professionals provide broad coverage of potential alpha opportunities across sectors and around the world

Team Overview1

140+ Professionals Globally

  • Established in 1970

  • Wide range of capabilities across Single & Multi-Sector Strategies

  • Fixed Income AUM $145+ B

  • 15+ years Average Investment Experience