The Franklin Equity Group brings together more than six decades of investment experience offering in-depth expertise in managing growth, value and hybrid/balanced equity strategies that cover global, regional and sector specialties. We believe that attractive risk-adjusted returns can be achieved over time by using a team-oriented collaborative approach and disciplined, bottom-up fundamental research.


Our goal of investing in high-quality companies with the potential for long-term sustainable growth can provide significant opportunities for investors. We focus on companies across the full global opportunity set that meet our criteria of:

  • Growth. Focus on companies with the potential to produce sustainable earnings and cash flow growth.
  • Quality. Seek high-quality companies with strong management teams and financial strength.
  • Valuation. Assess whether the growth opportunity is already reflected in the stock price.


Our diverse set of US Value strategies focus on long-term capital appreciation or total return, using several distinct investment approaches:

  • Dividend Growth – Focus on companies that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to increasing dividends.
  • Low Price-to-Book – Focus on companies representing “deep value” opportunities for longer-term capital growth.
  • Traditional Value – Focus on companies having some combination of 1) stock prices that are low relative to current, historical, or future earnings; 2) recent sharp price declines, but potential for good long-term earnings prospects; 3) and valuable intangibles not reflected in the stock price.


By combining the investment philosophies and expertise of both Franklin Equity Group and Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, our hybrid/balanced strategies provide an opportunity to participate in the growth potential of the equities market while also seeking current income and reduced short-term volatility.

Franklin Equity Group Snapshot




Growth, Hybrid/Balanced, Value


Global, Regional, Sector


  • Experienced investment professionals covering all market capitalizations and styles
  • Collaborative environment that balances autonomy with rigorous debate and accountability
  • More than 60 years of investing in equities while staying true to our disciplines, regardless of short-term market cycles





  • Franklin US Large Cap Value Equity
  • Franklin US Small Cap Value Equity


  • Franklin European Growth Equity
  • Franklin Rising Dividends Equity
  • Franklin US Focused Equity