Templeton Global Multisector Plus

Seeks to deliver alpha by capitalizing on opportunities in global interest rates, currencies and credit.


The strategy invests primarily in fixed and floating-rate debt securities and debt obligations of governments, government-related or corporate issuers worldwide, and has a 50% maximum limit on below investment grade exposure. The portfolio managers seek to identify and capitalize on economic imbalances and perceived mispricing in the global credit and currency markets in order to deliver attractive returns over time.

Key Features

Unconstrained World View

Using a benchmark-agnostic approach, the portfolio managers hold only the positions they believe have the best potential to maximize risk-adjusted returns

Three Distinct Sources of Alpha

Portfolio managers actively allocate across interest rates, currencies and credit to take advantage of different economic cycles around the world and diversify the portfolio

Truly Global Research Platform

The investment team is one of the largest, most well-established in the global fixed income arena, and is able to leverage on-the-ground research by additional Franklin Templeton fixed income investment professionals around the world

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