Franklin GlobAl Government

Global fixed income strategy that generally seeks to invest in investment-grade government bonds.



  • Seeks to maximize total returns whilst managing volatility by mainly investing in investment grade securities issued by global governments.
  • Selects investments based on assessments of changing market, political and economic conditions.
  • An attractive option to potentially help diversify an overall portfolio based on the historically low corrections of global bonds to other major assets classes.


  • Citigroup World Government Bond Index


A multi-page overview highlighting the composite performance, portfolio characteristics, investment process, management team and commentary.


Our truly global research team seeks to uncover a broad spectrum of opportunities within the fixed income platform, leveraging the breadth and depth of our extensive global resources and integrated risk management process.”


Investment Philosophy

We believe that a diversified set of active management positions has the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle, and that a large number of small, active positions can help reduce the risk of underperformance from any single active position. We also believe in the potential opportunities for market inefficiencies to be exploited in a disciplined manner through an integrated global platform that draws on robust bottom-up and quantitative resources.

Investment Process Summary

Our investment process is structured to pursue diversified sources of alpha across securities and global markets. We aim to add value by exploiting market inefficiencies through both top-down allocation decisions and bottom-up security selection on a tactical and strategic basis.

  • Formulate macroeconomic themes: Long-term macroeconomic investment themes are identified and established to guide the portfolio construction process (i.e. sector rotation, country allocation, country duration, yield curve position, currency allocation and volatility).
  • Develop investment strategy: Using the macroeconomic themes identified, the team develops a model portfolio that reflects the most attractive investment opportunities through fundamental and quantitative top-down and bottom-up analysis.
  • Tailor to specifications: Portfolios are fully customized to meet specific client objectives; investment strategy targets; diversification guidelines and risk limits.


Sonal Desai

Sonal Desai, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, 
Chief Investment Officer
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
With firm since: 2009

John Beck

John W. Beck
Senior Vice President, Director of Fixed Income, London
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
With firm since: 1990

David Zahn

David Zahn, CFA, FRM
Head of European Fixed Income, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
With firm since: 2006