Franklin EAFE Plus Equity

The strategy aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in equity and/or equity-related securities of companies throughout the world excluding the U.S., including developed and emerging markets, with a focus on mid and large capitalizations. The team utilizes a bottom-up approach focused on high quality, sustainable growth criteria to build portfolios.



  • We focus on fundamental bottom-up stock analysis to identify and select quality growth companies with sustainable business models and proven management teams that are focused on the creation of value.
  • We utilize the recommendations from this analysis to build a concentrated portfolio of 35-40 stocks that is benchmark indifferent, yet diversified, due to the limited overlap of economic exposures between companies.
  • Our in-depth research supports our longer-term perspective, seeking to hold companies for three to five years.


  • MSCI EAFE Index-NR
  • MSCI EAFE Growth Index-NR


A multi-page overview highlighting the composite performance, portfolio characteristics, investment process, management team and commentary.



Investment Philosophy

Research-Driven Portfolio

  • Concentrated portfolio with approximately 35-40 holdings
  • Benchmark indifferent

Longer-Term Investment Horizon

  • Investment horizon of 3 to 5 years
  • Typical holding period of 4+ years

Seek to Manage Risk by Limiting Economic Overlap among Holdings

  • Select companies whose earnings streams are not highly correlated
  • Has typically resulted in a diversified portfolio across MSCI Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sectors and industries

Global Opportunity Set

  • Search without borders
  • Average allocation to emerging markets has been less than 10%

Investment Process

Idea Generation & 360° Research Process

The goal of our 360 Research Process is to identify and recommend the most attractive, high-quality sustainable growth companies that can be utilized within our risk framework to build a diversified portfolio. We conduct in-depth research, evaluating companies from multiple angles, and identify companies that meet our strict growth, quality and valuation criteria:

  • Growth – Analysts conduct free cash flow analysis to identify the specific drivers that they believe may enable a company to grow faster than its peers over a multi-year period, taking into account the sustainability of the company’s business model, whether the company has a long-term competitive advantage, and if a value-generating reinvestment record exists.
  • Quality – Analysts ascertain the financial transparency and accounting quality, corporate governance, and environmental management, social and labor practices.
  • Valuation – Consistent valuation approach to determine relative attractiveness of a company and valuation support under different scenarios.

Portfolio Construction & Management

  • Benchmark Indifferent – We are benchmark indifferent throughout portfolio construction, with all decisions made at the individual stock level.
  • Concentrated, Long Term Focus – With approximately 35-40 holdings, typical position sizes range from 1.5-3.5%. Given our three- to five-year average holding period, portfolio turnover is relatively low.
  • Limit Overlap of Economic Exposures  Our risk framework emphasizes diversification and limits the overlap of economic exposures among holdings.


Julian Harper

John Remmert
Senior Vice President
Franklin Equity Group
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Senior Vice President
Franklin Equity Group
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