Continued Support for Asset Returns

Our capital market expectations (CME) are designed to provide annualized return expectation over a longer-term horizon, typically viewed as being five to 10 years.

Coping With a Changing Market Landscape

Our CIOs' Global Investment Outlook stresses it's important to be selective and not too complacent in 2020.

Are Investors Ready For Big “What Ifs…?” 2019 Survey

Highlights from our 2019 investor survey, commissioned by Institutional Investor, which explores asset allocation...

"What If..." Shocks from DC Regulations

Why regulations operate “like a light switch”.

"What If..." Shocks from Demographics

Why it’s time to master the “known unknowns” and to “do the math but guess the consequences”.

"What If..." Shocks from Geopolitics

Hear about home country bias as a “shock absorber” and the risk of “expropriation”.

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Our capabilities in equity investing date back to the origins of the firm in the 1940s, spanning growth (Franklin) and value (Templeton®) styles.

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We are a global leader in fixed income with depth and breadth of expertise in all major sectors of the fixed income market.

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We offer investors additional sources of diversification and a broader opportunity set through our diverse alternatives offering.

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We provide total portfolio solutions through a variety of outcome-oriented strategies to investors across the globe.

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