Franklin Templeton-Gallup
Economics of Recovery Study

Analyzing the course of economic recovery from COVID-19 in the U.S.

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Water Disruption: Investment Risk From Multiple Angles

Before the well runs dry: The time for investors to understand water risk is now.

Uneven Climb Through Recovery

Our CIOs' Global Investment Outlook offers perspective on the investment landscape and the US…

Moving From Mostly Empty To Half Full

Fixed Income Views explores macro and sector outlooks as the debate on when and how we should…

Still Looking For Alternatives? How About Real Assets

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions discusses practical positioning in the context of a new market narrative.

COVID-19 and the Private Debt Markets

Benefit Street Partners details the historic magnitude of dislocation in private credit markets due to COVID-19 and the potential opportunity set going forward.

On My Mind: Knowledge Drives Confidence, Confidence Drives Growth

Dr. Sonal Desai shares her thoughts on the latest wave of the Franklin Templeton–Gallup Economics of Recovery Study.

"What If..." Shocks from Demographics

Why it’s time to master the “known unknowns” and to “do the math but guess the consequences”.

"What If..." Shocks from Geopolitics

Hear about home country bias as a “shock absorber” and the risk of “expropriation”.

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